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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Standard 6 Reunion~!!

14 years.. took us that long to finally keep in touch.. Wonders of technology. You can find anybody,anywhere in the world. We found each other in friendster.. hehehe.. Some of us used to be in the same class from Standard One up to Standard Six! 6 Years!! *woww*

After a few attempts of gathering people of 6 Melati and changing our gathering venue, Ming-Yan our event organizer manage to gather Me, Ellisha, Sze Reen, Shah Faezal, Chee Hoe, Fariz Ezani, Wai Sern, Ah Nei and Lee Deon. Of course, as expected, some couldn't make it at the very last minute, but the reunion was full of laughter - reminiscing down the memory lane..

Date: 16th Feb. 2006
Venue : Cafe 7, SS15 - Subang Jaya

--> after 14 yrs, dis is how we look like now! ehehhehe

Standing L to R : Wai Sern, Ah Nei, Lee Deon,Chee Hoe, Sze Reen, Ellisha & Ming Yan.
Sitting L to R : Me, Shah Faezal and Fariz Ezani.

thumbs up people!! (;

can u see how happy we are?? :P

L to R : Wai Sern, Shaheeran, Shah Faezal, ME, Ming Yan and Edmund Liew.

Oh..this was taken at Starbucks Taipan - few days after CNY.. before Edmund went back to Australia..

'twas fun to meet everyone..
but, 'twas not an easy task to find everyone and to arrange a suitable place n time to meet up..

and, yeah, our most popular & wanted people couldn't make it..Siti Sarah & Salina..hehehe.. dari online sampai lepak, asyik2 tanya pasal derang jee.. please try to join us next time.. (;

It's getting late.. Oya & Bob - getting engage today - 18th February '06.. Congrats to both of you..
& I got lots of things to do..

*outta here*


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Weather forecast :

it has been raining heavily these past few days in Subang.. And every time hujan, I got scared of the fiery, scary lightning and thunderstorm.. (mcm bebudak kecik!) hehehe..

*yawwnn* ngantuks nyaa... malas sungguh nak type.. i wanna sleep, but i got to attend a reunion later tonite.. tamau groggy.. reunion darjah enam pulak tu..satgi groggy sorang2, tatau orang borak apa pulak..

tu lah kan.. tak biasa bangun pagi2 sangat.. tadi before the sun shine, dah kuar rumah.. gotta learn to get use to it.. *yaawwnnn...*

jangan main hujan tau.. nanti demam.. ;p

i'll update sum other time..please refer to other tv stations for further details... (the newscaster is sleepy..and the good weather is stopping her from being active and talkative hehehe)