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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Newborn baby boy..

28th December,2005 - a date to remember..
Congratulations to my beloved friend, Zue and hubby,Faizal.. for your newborn baby boy...
Hope I get to see the baby soon!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My trip to the clinic..

After so long, today I woke up very early...7am!! hehehe not surprising to some people, but it is kinda weird for me to be waking up early.. anyways, had to send my sis Amim to Uitm - the main reason i was up soo early! ehhehehe

Came back home, and had breakfast, took my 'early' shower and went to the clinic with my mum. Then, there come the bad news.. According to my blood test result, I do have hyperthyroidism..It's genetic, and my mum has it, so does my uncle, my auntie..and others in the family tree, I guess..

But, my thyroid level is not very high, but the doc says that I have to follow the medication for thyroid.. before it gets worse. So, from today onwards, I'm gonna be taking 3 pills twice a day.. (3pills x 2 = 6pills!!) *Oohhh* but, if I'm gonna get well, I gotta follow the regime..

Read more on Thyroid.

*growwl* Gotta go get something to eat..

*-Outa Here-*


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blood test

Went to the clinic this morning to get my blood test.. I got it alright, but.. the doctor that attended me the other day is on leave today.. Gotta go again to see him tomorrow morning.. According to my mum, the result shows that my thyroid level is quite high.. *tsk tsk*


2 memorable occasion..

Today..27th December 2005..

2 occasion to be remembered..

It is the day to celebrate Syida's 23rd Birthday..
Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


another memorable occasion...

Welcome Home Abang Nan!

FYI, Abg Nan is my bro in law, he is cute lil Adrian's Daddy! hehehe..


Sunday, December 25, 2005

What a week..

Dear Diary..

How to describe my week? urm.. It's complicated, I can say.. Had difficulty to breath for more than a week, was afraid to go for a check up, but, by not knowing what's going on with me, makes me more nervous, uneasy, anxious to know, which make my heart beat faster and faster..makes me feel worse..

Went to the clinic with Nas (finally!) last Friday. Long story short, the doc took my blood sample-he said maybe it's thyroid, and I haven't been to a regular check up for it, as I should.. Gotta wait for the result this Tuesday.. *brrrr* nervous, but not as scared as I was earlier. The doc ruled out the possibility of any heart problems. I was glad..

The very same night, on the way to Carrefour Subang, at the roundabout, this Waja bang my car from behind!! *adusssh!* Tension nyaaa... Luckily 'twas only a few scratches at my bumper.. So, being a good Samaritan, I let the awfully-feeling-guilty-Chinese-guy go.. not realising that my bumper has fallen off! well, just a 'lil actually, but, enough to make my right tyre 'roar'... Had to turn back home, I don't dare to drive my car in that condition.. After I told my dad what happened, he came out to my car, and just 'lift' up the bumper with his own bare hands~! I heard a crack, I thought, *daayyym..* there goes my bumper! but, instead, it's as good as new! hehehhehe.. 'Magic', says Nas...

Saturday..promised Lied to meet up with her colleague to talk about the job he's offering. Went to Bangsar after lunch around 2.30pm.. Was quite surprised how Bangsar has developed...It has been awhile since I last lepak in Bangsar..hate the traffic, nothing can ever beat the craziee traffic congestion in Bangsar-small city + too many people + too many cars = headache~! Anyways, we went to Devi's Corner, had our discussion, then, Nas came around 4pm, then, we went to Bangsar Village - jalan-jalan, & take a walk around Bangsar hehehe 'coz Lied wanna shop shop shop! (; When she's done with her shopping spree, it rained..So, had our lepak-at-mamak-session again..

We make our move around 7pm 'coz Lied has to be home by 8pm..Still drizzling, and too many cars on the all-time-famous Federal Highway..

And then.. me and Nas went to SS15, to find a place to lepak.. and surprisingly, there's a Starbucks next to the McD near the college.. no more Chinese restaurant there.. hehehehe.. at first, we wanted to have a hot cup of delicious Starbucks coffee, but belum bukak lagi laaaa... *aiyooohh..!* melepasss... so, McD je lahh.. hehehehe

That's all that I can share with you my diary..(*urrghh* sooo...old-skewl girlishhh!! hehehehe) too sleepy to tell you how my day ends.. but one thing for sure, I enjoyed my 'lepak' sessions today.. not forgetting, the nice cold windy weather..'s Christmas eve.. too many crazy people on the road today, driving as if other road users don't exist.. I guess, they must have left their brains at home!! tamau celebrate Christmas keee? Otak udang dia.. hehehehe

*yaawnn* Really need to catch some sleep..

*Lovely Day, Lovely Day, Lovely Day....*


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Adios My Youngest Sister.. *boo hooo*

After few months of waiting, finally, Aah got an offer from Uitm (Dungun) and also from Politeknik (Melaka). Regardless of the distance, my sister chose to go to Uitm in Dungun (my mum's suggestion) . The registration date was on the 18th of December,2005. I didn't follow my parents and my twin bro & sis to Dungun, got a wedding to attend on the same day. They left for Terengganu on Saturday morning..

From what my mum told me, the campus is quite new, compared to Arau *urghh* and also Shah Alam. And the view, *phewww* breathtaking!! From the front gate of the campus, there's a nice view of the ocean, and behind the campus, mountains!! Aah, you're sooo lucky... (;

Besides the view, one more attraction is the food stalls along the road outside campus.. *yummmy* delicious and not forgetting, cheap foods too! What not to like about the campus? Nothing came across my mind..except for the distance lah.. hehehe..

I wouldn't go if I were choosen.. Was in Arau for a year, before I decided to come back home.. to mum & dad's - mengada ngada! hehehe..

Good Luck Aah.. my loyal companion,always..

*Hugs & Kisses* for you..




Malas nya nak type...

Anyways, Rufiny got married last Sunday, 18th December,2005..

Almost everyone couldn't make it.. So, I went with Nas & Wana..

Oh, the food is marvelous!! Recommended for function/weddings..

After wedding, lepak session at Mamak Bistro.. (as always!) and then Lied Zaid & Hairul joined us.. *yeayy*

After lepak2, went back home,..
ishkk boring nya this post...

Urm, what else.. urm.. I'm looking for a JOB people!! Help? Please inform me if there's any vacancies anywhere..

i'm outta here *pooooff*


Monday, December 05, 2005

bbq havoc!

I'm back! hehehe


Received a phone call last Saturday (afternoon) from my cousin's (Syiera) boyfriend(Fendi).. He's planning to have a Bbq party, he called to ask how to make salad, the ingredients needed to marinate, etc, etc, etc.. So, I asked, you wanna ask me to teach you thru the phone, or you want me to come over and help? hehehe.. it's as simple as that. Then, there come the magic word..

"kalau boleh...mai lah tolong prepare.."

I agreed, but then, he said, I'll be the only 'helper' they have, so I've called upon Nas to help me out.. After a few hours and many phone calls, me & Nas arrived at his house in PJ (a bungalow..I'm impressed.. NICE! ) around 4pm..& guess what?? Nothing hav been done yet! Ah, expected lah.. but, at least they've wash the chicken..

It's 4 hours before the bbq party.. & nothing is prepared! Aduhh.. me & Nas quickly get to work..I started chopping,slicing and blending ingredients needed in the kitchen and for my buttered rice, while Nas, he marinated the chicken, lamb,prawns, make the salad dressing, sauce..and, almost everything.. Even one of Syiera's friend thought he's a chef! hehehe.. wahh.. you're that good ah Nas? *wink* A graphic designer cum 'naked' chef *wowiee* hehehe

There were a few unfortunate events on that very day.. Not enough cutleries, the 'uncook' rice hehehehe by the madam of the house herself, late arrival by those people who went shopping for the stuff that we needed in the kitchen! (how to prepare if shopping lama2 sangat?), not enough serving bowls (understandable lah as Fendi had just moved in the house). After being tired of standing for almost 4 hours.. all the food is served, and grilled.. 'twas fun playing cook with Nas in the kitchen.. (;

What was on the menu? hehehe.. Super delicious food..of course!

- Grilled chicken + lamb + prawns (marinated by Nas)
- Buttered Rice (my specialty!)
- Salad (2 different dressing)
- Laksa (by Fendi)
- Fruits...

After eating, me & Nas quickly make our move.. Hafto leave early.. Tired and we don't know anybody there (we're just the cook.remember? Remembered our chat, that people really thought we can cook,but what they don't know is, all we did was experimenting by mixing all the ingredients huu huu huu!) and malas nak mingle around..Around 10pm, we left the party...


Kinda 'lost my mind' . I was anxious, nervous, daunted, miserable, frightened over something that I don't even know/understand! *Bah!* tak bess nyaaa..... stayed home during the day, didn't even go to Ejai's sister's wedding..around 8pm, went out lepaking with Oya Anum Leen & Faiz at Pelita SS15.. balik rumah, couldn't sleep..watched Frankenstein from 11pm till 2am! then watched 3 Ninjas till 4am..then..went to bed...