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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Tomorrow is a public holiday! and I'm gonna stay home..while my friend Lidia and Sha are going to Bangkok for a holiday tonight! *bestnyaaa*

No plans for tonight, no plans for tomorrow.. Oh, Aki and Mizi is getting married dis weekend, in Kendong, N.Sembilan. If I hav the energy to go, I might follow Faiz, if he's going,lah..

Gonna be busy dis weekend, planned a bbq for myself,my kakak n my sis-Amim.. 3 birthday celebration in a day! and i'm gonna need my rest tomorrow! and, I hav a good book to read - Donald Trump - master apprentice..



Stephen Rahman Hughes.. just by listening his voice, I can imagine his good looking face.. hehehe.. his voice is soo handsome! hehehe

nothing much to tell, a very gud show with gud stage performances...

*wish dat someone special get to join me dat nite*


Monday, August 14, 2006

Zoo trip..

i went to the zoo with 2 of my best friends.. Adrian had fun, I'm sure..especially with the elephants, fishes, monkeys and not forgetting..the monkey. He even plead the peacock to show him the pretty tail..which ended up with Adrian screaming his lungs out at the innocent peacock. Twas a first experience for Nas to actually spent time more than an hour with Adrian. I pity him, but thankful he's very patient and 'strong' enuff dat day.. hehehe..

At the end of the day, we went to watch the sea lion show,3 pm.. Adrian, exhausted after a very long day trip.. asked for his milk and despite his very tired body.. he tried very hard to keep his eyes open to watch the show. Being restless and cranky, he almost fell asleep in his stroller.. and guess who enjoyed the show? ME! hehhehehe An adult, enjoying the zoo trip more than the little one.. An embarrassment.. but, what can I say? I enjoy outdoor more than hanging out at the mall.. I'm sick of the crowd and the traffic! it's quite surprising how being outdoor in the environment can actually brings joy to you..

I took lotsa pictures, which I will put it up in dis blog soon.. still got lots of work to do..

*i miss my bed...*


Monday, August 07, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bodo punya parking attendant!!

Yesterday, semangat betul aku nak gi tengok Pirates of the Carribean.. pastu, lepas appointment, aku terus lah gi KL, nak park kete blakang L'Opera tuh.. pastuh, ada lah parking attendant bodo piang nak mampos nih, suruh park kat, aku pun park lah..tau2, dia melalak2 jerit suruh aku kluar parking, park side parking.. his bloody reason is, kete kecik, takleh park parking space biasa.. sangat lah tak logic..dah tu, kasik lah bayar murah.. aku pun jerit2 lah perang ngan mamat India tuh! aku dah lah sakit kaki, terseliuh..ngan bandage2 sume kaki kiri nih.. malas lah aku nak main reverse2 parking..dah lah penat jalan jam... pastu nak pening2 melayan mamt India tuh..

Aku suruh dia park kete aku..aku cakap aku tatau.. dia park punya lah tepi, pastu bukak pintu, sangkut kat dinding... mengamuk aku!!! BODO PIANG betul! pastu mamat bodoh tu bole cakap, bende kecik jangan masuk mahkamah! mengamuk lagi lah aku.. banyak cantik muka.. dia tatau Zarina kalau marah, declare war terus..

Lepas tu, on d way out, Nas cakap, kitorang slalu park situh, nape nak marah2 camtu.. pastu dia menjawab!! aku punn...apa lagi... menjerit2 maki India tuh.. pastu, dia cakap, kalau tak puas hati, jangan park situ..aku terus amik kete,sambil jalan tu,aku jerit ASSHOLE!!! habis mood aku nak tengok movie.. BENGONG punya pekerja murahan!! patut ah keje parking attendant, bodoh piang!!