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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My neighbourhood..

I would like to share with you my daily routine and what I saw from the view from my window..

Pleasant reading..

I usually wake up around 7ame every weekday.. I gotta prepare breakfast for my husband (my daily routine) and while having our breakfast around 8am, from my window, there's always a bird on the roof of the building across the road..Without fail, it will be there every morning.

There's also our cats (not actually our cats, but we just pretend that we own them) ehehhe. We even give 'em names! Socks & Swissroll!

Then, after my husband goes to work, I switched on the TV. I read the newspaper, while my baby in my belly gets to listen to children show on the tv hehehe.. That's when I get to feel the baby 'kicking' in my belly. A wonderful experience and all the kicking tickles me sumtimes..

Then I would continue with the usual chores.. housewife with housework hehehe.. have my lunch, take my afternoon nap, watch tv..listen to the radio, play games on the PC..and by 5pm, prepare dinner..

Since I didnt subscribe to Astro, I have been following a Malay soap on TV3, Spa Q, every Monday to Thursday, 6.30 - 7.30 pm.. Not that good, but, gud enuff to kill time while waiting for my husbnad to come back home from work..

After dinner and cleaning up the dishes, we usually watch sum dvd's or just watch whatever is on the tele.. by now, outside my house is usually chaos.. Motorcyclists speeding with the irritating noise from their disturbing noisy engines (I wish they will feel as irritated as I am when the same thing happen to them!), people trying to get drunk with cheap liquor & beer from the Chinese restaurants in front of my house.

They dun just usually get drunk, but, the noise they make, the 'drums' they played after hours, loud singing and even loud chats! I guess, when they're drunk, they can't hear each other. They even pee everywhere! It was like living in an uncivilized territory where people dun care about other people. There's no rules for driving in that area, people just speed in front of the row of houses with the blaring noise coming from their stupid engines! At 3 or 4am!! These people are so inconsiderate and I have to mention this, with lots of empty parking spaces, they still double park! are they all blind or just plain stupid??

My neighbour is just another irresponsible creature.. the whole family litters all the way up the staircase. junk food plastics, cigarettes, chocolate covers, water bottles, catalouges, all sort of litter they could get their hands on to. Once, my husband ask the neighbour, who threw all the rubbish? and of coz.. he said he don't know. The rubbish goes right up to the staircase in front of his house, and yet, he don't know. He could be blinded by the rubbish coz it might be a norm for him to live in a place surrounded by rubbish.

I was afraid to leave the house all by myself, in case I might step on the plastics thrown on the stairs. I might slip and falling is a no-no for a pregnant person.

Every night I get to see the clear moon from my window. plus, a view of my neighbour doing his thing opposite my block hehehe nothing 'out-of-this-world' lahh.. borrriinngg..

Most nights, we get to hear uncle aerosol spraying his car while chatting with his friend. He has this 2 old cars which he spray-painted himself almost every night! We hear the aerosol bottle clacking every night..

There's also this garbage recycle collecting guy..he'll go through the trash and making all sorts of noise.. throwing the bottles and cans everywhere.. bisingnyaaaaa!

Hurm, who else did i miss? Plenty of unfortunate events.. but not much on the fortunate ones.. tsk tsk..

My neighbours..

I would like to give you readers to experience the view from my window..

Friday, January 18, 2008

IRC friend..

I was watching Venus on NTV7 yesterday..

The topic was on the Internet Relationship..

I get to know my husband from the mIRC.. yearsss ago! hehehe

Back then mIRC was a big thing! I was hooked up almost every night, as an added advantage, the PC was in my room, so i was like addicted to go online every chance i get. back then, in mIRC, there was this chat room called Scramble, which we get to re-arrange the words + chat! Games and chatting..

Those days, I get to know many people online.. LOTS of interesting people! Then 1 particular night, a guy sent me a private message. I couldn't remember from which chatroom (Mamak probably!).. It was past midnight and I was bored, so we chatted for hours! I remember exchanging emails & phone numbers (it was almost 3 or 4am) 'coz i was too sleepy and I had to attend a morning class the next day. He called for awhile just before I go to bed..

When I came back the next day, I went online & he did sent 1 short email. It was brief, but I was happy to receive one from him. Well, i replied, so did he.. and after many emails in a day, we moved on to phone calls.. hours of phone calls! hehehe.. not to mention the sms's!

Finally, one night, a friend canceled our dinner plans.. I was quite upset coz i was already in d car, was about to leave the house! So, I went through my phone book in my mobile, and decided to call this guy up.. he was still in the office in wangsa melawati at that time, but I insist him to meet me around Ampang, as I wasn't that familiar with any other area at that time..

After 'forcing' him to lepak wimme, he agreed.. So, I drove from Subang to Ampang Point.. and we lepak for hours! I think it was until 4am! hehehe..

So, that was the first time..and more & more & more lepak session after dat..& I got used to driving to Ampang and many parts of KL! ehhehe..

Come to think of it, we only chatted once dat night.. and the friendship continues with phone calls, sms's, emails and also our lepak sessions..My 1st email from him is still in my email folder dated - Wed, 11 Jun 2003. hehehe

And we actually meet up every week without fail! (except once when I was down with a high fever & a terrible case of tonsil and another was when I went back to my hometown, Perlis). apart from those 2 occasion, we hang out like 2-4 times a week!

Now, It's already 2008. This is our 6th year together.. FYI, we were never a couple all those years, we were VERY close only recently.. like end of 2005 if i'm not mistaken..he proposed early last year, we got married in September,2007..

Nas, I'm glad that I get to know you.. If it's not because of you, many things wouldn't happen.. You're the highlight of my life..! *Lav you, Lav you!*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life in early 2008..

I'm now making my jewellery again! hehehe..

Got pretty hooked up with it. Some days, I could make up until 5 long necklaces! And, got a terrible backache after that.. hehehe and yes, was 'reminded' by my husband to slow down...well, being the stubborn me, i'll continue doing what I like while i still got the ideas coming..

Went to Mt Kiara Sunday market with my husband last weekend.. was surprised to see that the water fountain and the fish pond surrounding it in the middle of the square is no longer there! instead, there's another water fountain alright, but, it's more like water jutting out from the floor! cool..i interesting concept and will be well liked by children! I saw a Japanese boy was deliriously running away from his parents to the waters! but the old water fountain can actually creates soothing feeling from the heat..

Because of the heat, I went to McDonald's for sum soft drinks, but, cannot resist the temptations of getting the curly fries! When I was ordering, my husband was outside, having a smoke. and when he's done, he asked what did i get myself in the paperbag? I was giggling before I can answer him.. coz we just had our breakfast like half an hour before I went to McDonald's.. hehehe

and oh, I bought sum jewelleries too! It was supposed to be a 'jalan2' on Sunday morning je, but couldn't resist the temptations from the jewelleries! hehehe

Speaking of McD's, I've been craving for the Prosperity Burger for quite sumtime, but never got a chance to eat 'em. I've always like the Big Mac, so, that one day I went to McD's, I ordered the Big Mac.. And a few days ago, I went by myself, and got my Prosperity! hehehe..

I wanted to just lepak and have my desserts, as i seldom go out by myself, but the branch here in Damansara Damai is out of ice-cream. the machine is out of order. I believe it has been for quite sumtime already, coz the last time i went like a month ago, they were out of icecream, as I was craving for my milkshake! Bad impression to the customers.. get it fix! It's global warming now, and icecream is the cure to the increasing heat! and also, the cure for the pregnant woman's craving!

I'm going to The Curve tonight, and I'm gonna get my icecream! hehehe (dah lah baru semalam je makan ABC, nak icecream pulak!)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

There Goes My 2007..

It has been ages since i blog, been really busy with the wedding preparations, and now, I have move to my new place in Saujana Damansara..
and I'm now pregnant! hehehe..
Time flies, today is the 1st January of first entry for the new year.

I wanna list down what has happened in the past 2007

June - I got engaged..
September - I got married.. & & found out I got pregnant! hehehe
October - Raya Puasa..
November - My wedding reception..
December - 4 months through my pregnancy

well, i guess dat sum's it all.. It has been a great year, and I'm hoping for more to come..

Can't wait to become a Mama (I'm due to deliver by the end of May 2008!)
Panas nya cyber cafe ni...
Lain kali lah blog summore..