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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life in early 2008..

I'm now making my jewellery again! hehehe..

Got pretty hooked up with it. Some days, I could make up until 5 long necklaces! And, got a terrible backache after that.. hehehe and yes, was 'reminded' by my husband to slow down...well, being the stubborn me, i'll continue doing what I like while i still got the ideas coming..

Went to Mt Kiara Sunday market with my husband last weekend.. was surprised to see that the water fountain and the fish pond surrounding it in the middle of the square is no longer there! instead, there's another water fountain alright, but, it's more like water jutting out from the floor! cool..i interesting concept and will be well liked by children! I saw a Japanese boy was deliriously running away from his parents to the waters! but the old water fountain can actually creates soothing feeling from the heat..

Because of the heat, I went to McDonald's for sum soft drinks, but, cannot resist the temptations of getting the curly fries! When I was ordering, my husband was outside, having a smoke. and when he's done, he asked what did i get myself in the paperbag? I was giggling before I can answer him.. coz we just had our breakfast like half an hour before I went to McDonald's.. hehehe

and oh, I bought sum jewelleries too! It was supposed to be a 'jalan2' on Sunday morning je, but couldn't resist the temptations from the jewelleries! hehehe

Speaking of McD's, I've been craving for the Prosperity Burger for quite sumtime, but never got a chance to eat 'em. I've always like the Big Mac, so, that one day I went to McD's, I ordered the Big Mac.. And a few days ago, I went by myself, and got my Prosperity! hehehe..

I wanted to just lepak and have my desserts, as i seldom go out by myself, but the branch here in Damansara Damai is out of ice-cream. the machine is out of order. I believe it has been for quite sumtime already, coz the last time i went like a month ago, they were out of icecream, as I was craving for my milkshake! Bad impression to the customers.. get it fix! It's global warming now, and icecream is the cure to the increasing heat! and also, the cure for the pregnant woman's craving!

I'm going to The Curve tonight, and I'm gonna get my icecream! hehehe (dah lah baru semalam je makan ABC, nak icecream pulak!)

1 comment:

Anbae said...

so.. had ur ice-creams finally or what? ahahh...

me, shudnt even prefer ice-creams by nw.. as am in a european contry an in the deep winter vocation.. if i wish to take then i wud be freezed further to -30 degrees.... ahahah...