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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Feel Good Week..

It's been awhile since I last post anything, I just don't know where to start. Been going out with Nas..jalan jalan.. bla bla blaa from Thursday up till the weekend. Heehehe..

Friday,Saturday & Sunday

Friday night, my car broke down, somewhere near Nas's residential area.My kakak had to pick me up (she's the only one who know's how to get there) that night. Saturday morning, went with my dad to see what's wrong with my car..Sunday, went to PWTC-Jobs & Career Fair, which is a waste of time and money since the job scope offered is very limited.. Sales & Marketing - banyak gila..Designing,satu jeee... pastu, jalan2 kat The Mall! hehehe.. Lama tul tak gi sana.. but, now ramai gila rempits lepak situ..especially kat level atas Mall tuh..

ok, after that, on the way back to Subang (heading for Hairul's open house) , I've decided to change my clothes..tak appropriate sangat pakai shirt..when we're approaching Subang, I suddenly got a terrible headache...tsk tsk, so, I bathe, and put on a clean shirt and brought along my Ponstan,in case of anything..

It is indeed very useful, as the headache was actually a migrain! *urrghh* it is very painful..feel like i'm a time bomb & about to explode! After eating & munching the delicious food and not forgetting the scrumptious Arissa.. I took my Ponstan and Nas massaged my forehead and hands *thank you Nas..* A few minutes after that, I feel much better.. (; (guess what really causes my awful migrain might be because of the presence of a person form a hideous past *growl* i still hate her loads! )

Asked Anum to teman me to send Nas back home, afraid that I might feel the dreadful pain of migrain again.. *thanks Anum!* Sampai rumah, terus tidur... ZZzzZZzzZzz...

Monday, Tuesday & Today

Monday, relaxed the whole day at home, doing nothing.. Tuesday, went to KL with Nas, dia ada interview, pastu we went to Berjaya Times Square for a movie.. watched Just Like Heaven! -finally!- ehehhe ok lar that movie, but not enough 'feel' to make me cry.. hahaha.. a sad story that failed to make me burst into tears! Glad I get to watch the movie,tho..

Today,Wednesday, haven't done anything productive yet, except for typing this blog.. hehehe.. gotta start doing something,soon.. oH! Wirda from 8tv called.. told me that the big 8tv event this Friday, Dec 2nd is cancelled..there goes my RM100 and Lied's & Anum's approved leave.. Sorry bebs..

Now, I seriously gotta start cleaning my room.. will post more updates, if I feel like it..



Monday, November 21, 2005



Cats are adorable lil creatures..

Playful, affectionate, loving and comforting, they seem to fit into our lives with little complaint and perfect grace. That is the opening line from an article about Cats - Discovery Channel. The description of cats is their nature. A good companion when you're sad or lonely. Their presence is truly comforting.

According to another article on Cats - Wikipedia ,when cats are happy, they are known to paw their owners, or that on which they sit, with a kneading motion. Cats often use this action alongside purring to show contentment and affection for their owners.

My cat has been triggering the alarm these past few days..not sure which cat is causing so much trouble. I know they cannot think what's right or wrong, but I guess they just got hungry. One of 'em somehow manage to get in the house after we've switch on the alarm. Two nights in a row..First time, 6am. Second time - 4am!

Guess who heard the alarm? Everyone~ of course! & I bet the alarm woke some of my neighbours too! anyways, my dad went to answer the phone call from ADT and had to inform them of the false alarm - 2 nights in a row! Mesti tension orang-orang kat ADT tuh..

And today, after dinner, I overheard my parents discussing about putting the cats in a sack and throwing them away... *uwaaaa* i was sooo wretched... boo hoo! Please don't throw my cats away....

Well, I hope they won't find their way in tonite... or my dad will do as he wish to do...

Meow.. stay out tauu....


Sunday, November 20, 2005


I have a new hobby..

I lurveee playing Scrabble now.. it's the least I can do to occupy my free time and to actually exercise my BRAIN! hehehe

Care to join me for a game..anybody? Hurmm..

I guess not..


Rainy Day..part III

Open House = Makan~!

It's the raining season again..*Bah!* Yesterday was entertaining + thrilling + fun + munching day! ehehehe..

I went to 3 open houses with Nas yesterday. Nas went to 4~! Imagine how full his stomach is after eating at every open houses he went. The trip starts at 2pm. I had to drive around Subang just to find the easier way out to Kesas Highway. Somewhere infront of Summit, my sis called.. I left my handbag at home! *urrgghh* how careless.. had to head home.. dah lah jam Subang..dah kena pusing one round because of my handbag.. tension tension..

After the 2nd toll, jam Sg Besi..(as expected) and the heavy rain flooded the roads.. Then, sampai area rumah Nas.. hujan dah renyai2.. *phew* lega lah jugak.. we went to Pee's house kat Tmn Kencana (the food ala ala Christmas + Raya ehhehehe) ,pastu Haizea's kat Pandan Perdana (Soto.. *cedaapp* ) Leen plak,has sent out her invitation to her open house a few days earlier (according to Leen, it's compulsory + attendance will be taken! hahaha), so, I thought, if it stops raining around 5 sumthing, maybe I'll go to Leen's open house too..

Somehow, hujan renyai renyai.. me & Nas decided to head down to Leen's. On the way hujan lebat pulak..seriously unpredictable.. kejap lebat kejap renyai..kejap tak hujan langsung.. Guests at Leen's house..semestinya Faiz,Oya,Hairul,Anum,Lied & Vishalan pun ada.. Zaid dah gerak awal, Lied cakap he gotta work.. Anyways, by the time we're at Leen's house (ada Laksa!), dua-dua dah kenyang.. makan sikit je, respect tuan rumah.. (; the cake is nice..& the kiwi too! *yummy yummy*

After makan-makan at Leen's open house, we went to Starbucks in Taipan.. to 'inhale & release' hehehehe

Our day 'ends' at 9.30pm..the time we left Starbucks.. (;

Nas..You look GooD yesterday.. I like..


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my friends are now.....

Models~! hehehe

Anum & Lied

check out Remaja 15th Nov,2005 & Rapi 15th Nov,2005

Anybody else interested?
Contact me..their agent! hehehehhehe

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just A Reminder

Glamourous by Ralph Lauren..

A reminder for myself..incase of any situation like last nite..hehehe kan Nas kan?? ;p very frustrating...

My Name is...what??

My friends calls me Zar..


My fullname is Zainab??? huh? what?? ......

Ask Wana for more details...


Friday, November 11, 2005


Nowadays, going to the store is more like a test of patience. It's no more an easy task. Earlier today, as I was driving to the store with my nephew Adrian, everything seems to be fine..It's the school holiday, no crazy bus driver, no parents-in-a-hurry-to-drop-off their children at school.. But still,there's a alot of kiasu drivers (u-know-who-lah!!)

I went to the spare part shop to get a bulb for my car, and a mini lorry was parked next to my car. As I was reversing, slowly..(as I have no view of any cars coming behind) and suddenly..*honkkkk* this stupid middle-aged lady who couldn't wait & too kiasu to give way honking - not giving way at all. But, she couldn't move either,as there was traffic infront to turn right to the highway! *urrghhh* So, there I am.. turning back and calling her a PIG and cursing I know she can see me straight from her car.. finally, when I get to get out from the parking space, I squeeze my lil' car next to hers..gave her a BIG panic of me might scratch her ugly GOLD car!!

Padan muka..gelabah muka makcik tu.. and then, I went to get some vege.. parked infront of another store.. as I was leaving, just about to get into the car..there's this STUPID brand new kancil parked next to my car..the soooo kiasu guy parked his car like his DAD owned the lot..blocked my way to reverse out my car.. with alot of effort, i manage to get out without having to scratch his car..dah lah kiasu nak mampos..kita lak kena jaga kereta baru dia.. i bet his steering wheel is full of his taik-hidung..b'coz he looked like 'dat' kind of guy.. *eeewww*

How to educate these k.i.a.s.u people? *eeeii* i think no one is willing to teach of fear they have to shake hands with them! Notice that these crazee drivers are endangering others lives, I bet their life doesn't even worth a penny! ada kee tengah drive laju-laju boleh sibuk-sibuk nak korek2 hidung??? tak sayang nyawa keee??

boleh buat a series of Fear Factor camnih.. suruh orang shake hand with their dirty filthy hands.. hahahhah

I'm sooo pissed off!!


Thursday, November 10, 2005

-Face the Music-

Patience is the ability and willingness to endure a task that takes a long time, especially one that is boring. It also means not easily getting angry or not showing anger in situations of human communication where the other is unreasonable. Lately, it is also something that I'm lack of..

Being home most of the time is really a full time job.. I'm the President of Patience, an establishment of which I'm about to resign in a few days time..(which I hope I won't-as it will be a result of me bursting into flames!) That is one of the reasons why I need to get out, for long hours, to runaway..

But the question now is, how far can I run? how fast can I run? how long can I run? where can I run to? Well, in the end, the answer is simple.. Face the Music! Wherever I'll be, I'm still part of the establishment, so, there's no way out, no place to hide..

Gotta bear in mind too, that someone needed to keep the family in tact, someone also need to take the most difficult responsibility in reminding, rebuilding the family, set as an example to others (as people don't tend to listen to advises from someone that they think does not fit the bill) no matter how much it hurts. It has never been an easy task, but the beauty of it is - it is a very good episode of learning the hardship of life, helped me to rebuild my strength to try harder in the future.

It is heart-breaking when you're trying very hard to help and to improve, but nobody is listening, nobody to give you a hand.

Yes, I'm sensitive at heart, that's what my star described me as a Virgo. I cried alot because of what others do or didn't do. I cried because of people around me, how inconsiderate people are nowadays, how insensitive people are. Everyone seems to be living in their own secluded world, where other people's thoughts and situation doesn't count. Selfishness is the word.

Who am I to blame them? I do not have the authority.
How to put the blame on them? They are not in my shoe.
How to make 'em see what I see? People have different point of view in seeing things.

Sometimes, everyone needed their own space to breathe, to think, to be free..I even go to the extend of shutting people out of my world. It didn't help, I couldn't run.

I wonder how people can just forgive and forget, I wish it's as simple as it sounds, because my wound is too deep..


Monday, November 07, 2005


I knew it all along.. trip to Pahang cancelled! (again~!) *hummph* Earlier this morning, my dad forced me to test drive the Mitsubishi Storm.. hehehe **Bess** Simply just because it is automatic..No fuss changing gears.. But, *hell* its gonna kill me to find a parking space!~

It's almost noon.. my dad is busy cooking lunch.. *yummmy* can smell the delicious food from here.. makes me hungry..



Monday morning..


Boring is rather strange for me to be waking up early, as I don't have to go to work.,so, if I'm up early, I'll be online for a few hours to kill my boredom of waking up early.. Nobody is online.. tak kejee keee korang?? *uwaaa* bosan bosan..dah lah last night pun tak kluar..macam bekerja jee saya nih..ehh.. lupa! maybe kena gi Pahang today.. after banyak kali postponed, tatau lah bila nak confirm nya.. its already 9.10am, my dad cakap nak geraks by 10am.. standby jee..waiting for the 'postponing' guy to postpone again hehehe

i gotta get ready now.. nak breakfast. Best nya can makan makan already.. but, seriously, this might be a start to work out..asyik2 makaaan je this few days.. heheehe gotta go.. nak mandi and breakfast..

& oh, this year Raya, i still get my Angpows! ehhehehe...yak yak yeaay~




Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fasting Month is over Now..

Finally, fasting month is over.. hehehe i get to eat anytime i want! hehehe.. well, gotta control the amount of food now, been eating since the first day of Raya. hehehe.. Raya in KL is very boring, but, hey.. I hate the traffic of people balik kampung..Subang now is quiet and peaceful..and my my.. I enjoy driving around!

1st day Raya

Everything seems fine, but as a routine every year, the whole family will gather round for a photography session and also salam salam raya.. I'm the designated camerawoman every year..wasn't really prepared that morning.. My fault too..sapa suruh tak ready awal-awal? The tripod is always in my room.. but the thing that attach the tripod and the camera is missing! (it seems to go missing every year!) hehehe

'Twas quite tiring looking for a result..I found it, but hadn't had the time to put on my make up.. Gotta make it quick,b'coz my kakak gotta go to work by 11am..and I'm going over to Iza's house right after sending my kakak.. Anyways, I went to Iza's place with Syida and A'ah and Adrian.. Penat gila bawak budak kechik gumuk kiut tuh~ but it's really fun with him around. He's the joker of the day.. Brings smile to everyone..It seems like everyone at Iza's place pays full attention on Adrian..He's really a charm! After Iza's house..balik rumah,took my shower and off and away to lepak with Nas ehehehe cabut lari.. went to Starbucks (finally~!!) had a large cup of cafe latte a slice of a delicious chocolate cake and my ciggie..*yummy*

2nd day Raya

Second day... still the same as yesterday.. nothing much to do at home,couldn't figure out what to cook for, A'ah invited everyone at home for a luncheon at Nandos! I really didn't wanna waste her money..shiaann A'ah penat-penat keje everyday.. but she insisted.. And, yess Nas.. I can't resist the temptation also! *wink* hehehe Me, Aed, Syida, Amim and Adrian went.. The food was scrumptious. Huu.. how can one say no to that kind of tasty food??

..a'ah at work..

The meal was ok, Adrian was behaving really good.. until he heard his song - This Love. He started dancing,the limelight of the day..

amim,me and Adrian

syida & aed

Like yesterday, I went out with Nas again that evening.. played 6 games of pool hehehe same thing last year! this time, 3-3 kan Nas? (;

A'ah invited her friends from Nandos for a makan2 session at home.. I dun feel like inviting anyone like A'ah did..pity my mum had to cook.. but, my house is always open.. a simple meal I can prepare.. hehehe yeah yeah *pemalasss*

(; twas a wonderful Raya..


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

~Yeay Yeay~


Yeay Yeay~!! Esok RAYA~! hehehhe

Nak Angpow..

..Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

..Maaf Zahir Batin..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It's already end of the year~! time flies..

Today is Deepavali, which is also known as the festival of lights. I don't really have Indian friends, but anyways, I'm wishing all Hindus worldwide a Happy Deepavali.. (;