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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rainy Day..part III

Open House = Makan~!

It's the raining season again..*Bah!* Yesterday was entertaining + thrilling + fun + munching day! ehehehe..

I went to 3 open houses with Nas yesterday. Nas went to 4~! Imagine how full his stomach is after eating at every open houses he went. The trip starts at 2pm. I had to drive around Subang just to find the easier way out to Kesas Highway. Somewhere infront of Summit, my sis called.. I left my handbag at home! *urrgghh* how careless.. had to head home.. dah lah jam Subang..dah kena pusing one round because of my handbag.. tension tension..

After the 2nd toll, jam Sg Besi..(as expected) and the heavy rain flooded the roads.. Then, sampai area rumah Nas.. hujan dah renyai2.. *phew* lega lah jugak.. we went to Pee's house kat Tmn Kencana (the food ala ala Christmas + Raya ehhehehe) ,pastu Haizea's kat Pandan Perdana (Soto.. *cedaapp* ) Leen plak,has sent out her invitation to her open house a few days earlier (according to Leen, it's compulsory + attendance will be taken! hahaha), so, I thought, if it stops raining around 5 sumthing, maybe I'll go to Leen's open house too..

Somehow, hujan renyai renyai.. me & Nas decided to head down to Leen's. On the way hujan lebat pulak..seriously unpredictable.. kejap lebat kejap renyai..kejap tak hujan langsung.. Guests at Leen's house..semestinya Faiz,Oya,Hairul,Anum,Lied & Vishalan pun ada.. Zaid dah gerak awal, Lied cakap he gotta work.. Anyways, by the time we're at Leen's house (ada Laksa!), dua-dua dah kenyang.. makan sikit je, respect tuan rumah.. (; the cake is nice..& the kiwi too! *yummy yummy*

After makan-makan at Leen's open house, we went to Starbucks in Taipan.. to 'inhale & release' hehehehe

Our day 'ends' at 9.30pm..the time we left Starbucks.. (;

Nas..You look GooD yesterday.. I like..


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