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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fasting Month is over Now..

Finally, fasting month is over.. hehehe i get to eat anytime i want! hehehe.. well, gotta control the amount of food now, been eating since the first day of Raya. hehehe.. Raya in KL is very boring, but, hey.. I hate the traffic of people balik kampung..Subang now is quiet and peaceful..and my my.. I enjoy driving around!

1st day Raya

Everything seems fine, but as a routine every year, the whole family will gather round for a photography session and also salam salam raya.. I'm the designated camerawoman every year..wasn't really prepared that morning.. My fault too..sapa suruh tak ready awal-awal? The tripod is always in my room.. but the thing that attach the tripod and the camera is missing! (it seems to go missing every year!) hehehe

'Twas quite tiring looking for a result..I found it, but hadn't had the time to put on my make up.. Gotta make it quick,b'coz my kakak gotta go to work by 11am..and I'm going over to Iza's house right after sending my kakak.. Anyways, I went to Iza's place with Syida and A'ah and Adrian.. Penat gila bawak budak kechik gumuk kiut tuh~ but it's really fun with him around. He's the joker of the day.. Brings smile to everyone..It seems like everyone at Iza's place pays full attention on Adrian..He's really a charm! After Iza's house..balik rumah,took my shower and off and away to lepak with Nas ehehehe cabut lari.. went to Starbucks (finally~!!) had a large cup of cafe latte a slice of a delicious chocolate cake and my ciggie..*yummy*

2nd day Raya

Second day... still the same as yesterday.. nothing much to do at home,couldn't figure out what to cook for, A'ah invited everyone at home for a luncheon at Nandos! I really didn't wanna waste her money..shiaann A'ah penat-penat keje everyday.. but she insisted.. And, yess Nas.. I can't resist the temptation also! *wink* hehehe Me, Aed, Syida, Amim and Adrian went.. The food was scrumptious. Huu.. how can one say no to that kind of tasty food??

..a'ah at work..

The meal was ok, Adrian was behaving really good.. until he heard his song - This Love. He started dancing,the limelight of the day..

amim,me and Adrian

syida & aed

Like yesterday, I went out with Nas again that evening.. played 6 games of pool hehehe same thing last year! this time, 3-3 kan Nas? (;

A'ah invited her friends from Nandos for a makan2 session at home.. I dun feel like inviting anyone like A'ah did..pity my mum had to cook.. but, my house is always open.. a simple meal I can prepare.. hehehe yeah yeah *pemalasss*

(; twas a wonderful Raya..


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