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Friday, November 11, 2005


Nowadays, going to the store is more like a test of patience. It's no more an easy task. Earlier today, as I was driving to the store with my nephew Adrian, everything seems to be fine..It's the school holiday, no crazy bus driver, no parents-in-a-hurry-to-drop-off their children at school.. But still,there's a alot of kiasu drivers (u-know-who-lah!!)

I went to the spare part shop to get a bulb for my car, and a mini lorry was parked next to my car. As I was reversing, slowly..(as I have no view of any cars coming behind) and suddenly..*honkkkk* this stupid middle-aged lady who couldn't wait & too kiasu to give way honking - not giving way at all. But, she couldn't move either,as there was traffic infront to turn right to the highway! *urrghhh* So, there I am.. turning back and calling her a PIG and cursing I know she can see me straight from her car.. finally, when I get to get out from the parking space, I squeeze my lil' car next to hers..gave her a BIG panic of me might scratch her ugly GOLD car!!

Padan muka..gelabah muka makcik tu.. and then, I went to get some vege.. parked infront of another store.. as I was leaving, just about to get into the car..there's this STUPID brand new kancil parked next to my car..the soooo kiasu guy parked his car like his DAD owned the lot..blocked my way to reverse out my car.. with alot of effort, i manage to get out without having to scratch his car..dah lah kiasu nak mampos..kita lak kena jaga kereta baru dia.. i bet his steering wheel is full of his taik-hidung..b'coz he looked like 'dat' kind of guy.. *eeewww*

How to educate these k.i.a.s.u people? *eeeii* i think no one is willing to teach of fear they have to shake hands with them! Notice that these crazee drivers are endangering others lives, I bet their life doesn't even worth a penny! ada kee tengah drive laju-laju boleh sibuk-sibuk nak korek2 hidung??? tak sayang nyawa keee??

boleh buat a series of Fear Factor camnih.. suruh orang shake hand with their dirty filthy hands.. hahahhah

I'm sooo pissed off!!


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