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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Feel Good Week..

It's been awhile since I last post anything, I just don't know where to start. Been going out with Nas..jalan jalan.. bla bla blaa from Thursday up till the weekend. Heehehe..

Friday,Saturday & Sunday

Friday night, my car broke down, somewhere near Nas's residential area.My kakak had to pick me up (she's the only one who know's how to get there) that night. Saturday morning, went with my dad to see what's wrong with my car..Sunday, went to PWTC-Jobs & Career Fair, which is a waste of time and money since the job scope offered is very limited.. Sales & Marketing - banyak gila..Designing,satu jeee... pastu, jalan2 kat The Mall! hehehe.. Lama tul tak gi sana.. but, now ramai gila rempits lepak situ..especially kat level atas Mall tuh..

ok, after that, on the way back to Subang (heading for Hairul's open house) , I've decided to change my clothes..tak appropriate sangat pakai shirt..when we're approaching Subang, I suddenly got a terrible headache...tsk tsk, so, I bathe, and put on a clean shirt and brought along my Ponstan,in case of anything..

It is indeed very useful, as the headache was actually a migrain! *urrghh* it is very painful..feel like i'm a time bomb & about to explode! After eating & munching the delicious food and not forgetting the scrumptious Arissa.. I took my Ponstan and Nas massaged my forehead and hands *thank you Nas..* A few minutes after that, I feel much better.. (; (guess what really causes my awful migrain might be because of the presence of a person form a hideous past *growl* i still hate her loads! )

Asked Anum to teman me to send Nas back home, afraid that I might feel the dreadful pain of migrain again.. *thanks Anum!* Sampai rumah, terus tidur... ZZzzZZzzZzz...

Monday, Tuesday & Today

Monday, relaxed the whole day at home, doing nothing.. Tuesday, went to KL with Nas, dia ada interview, pastu we went to Berjaya Times Square for a movie.. watched Just Like Heaven! -finally!- ehehhe ok lar that movie, but not enough 'feel' to make me cry.. hahaha.. a sad story that failed to make me burst into tears! Glad I get to watch the movie,tho..

Today,Wednesday, haven't done anything productive yet, except for typing this blog.. hehehe.. gotta start doing something,soon.. oH! Wirda from 8tv called.. told me that the big 8tv event this Friday, Dec 2nd is cancelled..there goes my RM100 and Lied's & Anum's approved leave.. Sorry bebs..

Now, I seriously gotta start cleaning my room.. will post more updates, if I feel like it..



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