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Monday, December 05, 2005

bbq havoc!

I'm back! hehehe


Received a phone call last Saturday (afternoon) from my cousin's (Syiera) boyfriend(Fendi).. He's planning to have a Bbq party, he called to ask how to make salad, the ingredients needed to marinate, etc, etc, etc.. So, I asked, you wanna ask me to teach you thru the phone, or you want me to come over and help? hehehe.. it's as simple as that. Then, there come the magic word..

"kalau boleh...mai lah tolong prepare.."

I agreed, but then, he said, I'll be the only 'helper' they have, so I've called upon Nas to help me out.. After a few hours and many phone calls, me & Nas arrived at his house in PJ (a bungalow..I'm impressed.. NICE! ) around 4pm..& guess what?? Nothing hav been done yet! Ah, expected lah.. but, at least they've wash the chicken..

It's 4 hours before the bbq party.. & nothing is prepared! Aduhh.. me & Nas quickly get to work..I started chopping,slicing and blending ingredients needed in the kitchen and for my buttered rice, while Nas, he marinated the chicken, lamb,prawns, make the salad dressing, sauce..and, almost everything.. Even one of Syiera's friend thought he's a chef! hehehe.. wahh.. you're that good ah Nas? *wink* A graphic designer cum 'naked' chef *wowiee* hehehe

There were a few unfortunate events on that very day.. Not enough cutleries, the 'uncook' rice hehehehe by the madam of the house herself, late arrival by those people who went shopping for the stuff that we needed in the kitchen! (how to prepare if shopping lama2 sangat?), not enough serving bowls (understandable lah as Fendi had just moved in the house). After being tired of standing for almost 4 hours.. all the food is served, and grilled.. 'twas fun playing cook with Nas in the kitchen.. (;

What was on the menu? hehehe.. Super delicious food..of course!

- Grilled chicken + lamb + prawns (marinated by Nas)
- Buttered Rice (my specialty!)
- Salad (2 different dressing)
- Laksa (by Fendi)
- Fruits...

After eating, me & Nas quickly make our move.. Hafto leave early.. Tired and we don't know anybody there (we're just the cook.remember? Remembered our chat, that people really thought we can cook,but what they don't know is, all we did was experimenting by mixing all the ingredients huu huu huu!) and malas nak mingle around..Around 10pm, we left the party...


Kinda 'lost my mind' . I was anxious, nervous, daunted, miserable, frightened over something that I don't even know/understand! *Bah!* tak bess nyaaa..... stayed home during the day, didn't even go to Ejai's sister's wedding..around 8pm, went out lepaking with Oya Anum Leen & Faiz at Pelita SS15.. balik rumah, couldn't sleep..watched Frankenstein from 11pm till 2am! then watched 3 Ninjas till 4am..then..went to bed...



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