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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My trip to the clinic..

After so long, today I woke up very early...7am!! hehehe not surprising to some people, but it is kinda weird for me to be waking up early.. anyways, had to send my sis Amim to Uitm - the main reason i was up soo early! ehhehehe

Came back home, and had breakfast, took my 'early' shower and went to the clinic with my mum. Then, there come the bad news.. According to my blood test result, I do have hyperthyroidism..It's genetic, and my mum has it, so does my uncle, my auntie..and others in the family tree, I guess..

But, my thyroid level is not very high, but the doc says that I have to follow the medication for thyroid.. before it gets worse. So, from today onwards, I'm gonna be taking 3 pills twice a day.. (3pills x 2 = 6pills!!) *Oohhh* but, if I'm gonna get well, I gotta follow the regime..

Read more on Thyroid.

*growwl* Gotta go get something to eat..

*-Outa Here-*


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