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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Adios My Youngest Sister.. *boo hooo*

After few months of waiting, finally, Aah got an offer from Uitm (Dungun) and also from Politeknik (Melaka). Regardless of the distance, my sister chose to go to Uitm in Dungun (my mum's suggestion) . The registration date was on the 18th of December,2005. I didn't follow my parents and my twin bro & sis to Dungun, got a wedding to attend on the same day. They left for Terengganu on Saturday morning..

From what my mum told me, the campus is quite new, compared to Arau *urghh* and also Shah Alam. And the view, *phewww* breathtaking!! From the front gate of the campus, there's a nice view of the ocean, and behind the campus, mountains!! Aah, you're sooo lucky... (;

Besides the view, one more attraction is the food stalls along the road outside campus.. *yummmy* delicious and not forgetting, cheap foods too! What not to like about the campus? Nothing came across my mind..except for the distance lah.. hehehe..

I wouldn't go if I were choosen.. Was in Arau for a year, before I decided to come back home.. to mum & dad's - mengada ngada! hehehe..

Good Luck Aah.. my loyal companion,always..

*Hugs & Kisses* for you..


1 comment:

Aah! said...

hey thats so schweeeeeet! hehe anyway yeah dungun's fantastic. i dont mind if i cant come back too often because the place is full of comfort but, since everybody's going back on every holiday... i changed my mind. patutnya x balik for raya haji...but mak insist... ;)