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Monday, October 30, 2006

Raya pictures..

Got lucky on my 1st day of work.. hehehhe

Started work at a new work place today in Cyberjaya.. and I get to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom! Plus..on his way out, he personally shake hands with everyone there!
A memorable experience and a gud start for me to work there! ehhehehe..
damn..i'm sleepy..


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beads Galore

Hello peoPle!

I have this passion for jewellery.. so, one day, I've decide to make one myself! hehehe.. tried to sell it to my closest friends.. & they are now customising it to their own tastes!

So, if you are interested, i'm selling it at an introductory price.. still cHeaP and you can order it up front.. some are already sold out, but if you like the same design, i can make another! As simple as that..

Check out my online cataloge at

oh.. i also do jewellery repairs..

Email me at for more details..


acrobatic sleepy cat..

very acrobatic one.. hehehhehe caught my cat sleeping on the gate..