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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Men can produce M.I.L.K too??

I was reading my magazine, Women's Weekly, Malaysia Edition, & it caught me by surprise to came across an article about men who can & want to breastfeed!

An actor, Dustin Hoffman was quoted, after his grandson Augustus was born, he felt the tendency to breastfeed! I was going from 'what!!' to 'erkkk!' I mean, seriously??

According to the magazine, there have been tales if men who have lactated throughout history. Men who had been left to take care their babies after the mother died, men who adopted children & even some men who felt jealous of the relationship that women have with their children!

Another passage from the article - 'Men's nipples are not as useless as we think. If they used a breast pump every day for 20 minutes on each side, after a few weeks, they will produce milk!' Huhuhu I can't imagine seeing a guy pumping out milk from his nipples! Guys reading this, are you one of them? ;p

It also says that 'Suckling is definitely more effective for men who have large nipples. And of course, the less hair around, the better!' haha!

This is really new to me! I bet it is to you guys out there too! I think men shouldn't be doing this, you men should be doing your 'manly' stuff & leave the breastfeeding to us mothers. It is up to your judgment to decide whether men should or should not be doing this.

But, what's next?

Carry your own baby in your 'womb'?? Let's not go there......