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Saturday, March 08, 2008

General Election Day!

Today, 8th March,2008 is the election day. I didn't register, so I thought I'd just stay home and watch tv.. and my hubby will go back to Ampang to cast his vote. But, to my surprise, I was registered! by whom? I don't have any clue.. My sis, Syida called last week to inform me that I was registered and I'm going with my mum & her, of course. My name is registered to vote at Sek Ren Sri Subang Jaya, SS14.
I've told my hubby, and he laughed at me.. coz I have been so happy that I don't have to go and vote because I'm pregnant & because I did not register. Hence, I went anyway.. Be a responsible citizen and vote for.. I don't remember the name.. hehehe
It was an experience, for a 28 year old me to cast my vote for the first time. Being 7 months pregnant and having to que quite a long que, tires me. But me & my sis got the same room, so I sat at a chair outside the classroom and only went to the door when it's almost our turn. I got my palpitation then, so I was sweating quite a bit. The guy standing infront of us asked me to sit near the door until my turn, but thank goodness the police officer said that I can go in first. hehehe.. Given priority to cut ques.. Finally, a good samaritan. Yeah, it's his job actually pun kann... make sure everything is in order and make sure the pregnant lady goes in first hehehe (;
All in all, I'm glad I went.. Going again in another 4 years time! ehhehe..
Happy voting!

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