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Monday, February 08, 2010

the Animals brings out the child in me??

We went to the National Zoo, about a week before the Chinese New Year celebration. We were there very early in the morning, got a good parking space, a quiet walk in the morning & also a chance to see the animals having their breakfast! Here's are the pictures taken throughout the trip! It was fun for my lil guy, & memorable for me & my husband,Nas ;)

This is us at the Zoo, watching the bird show,waiting for the sea lion show! Having lotsa fun!

Some pictures taken with Dada ;)

The 'choot choot!' ride..

The leopard ;) very sexay!

The very snobbish lion!

but we loved him anyways!

There was a campaign to protect the big cats..

this lil guy pitied the lil tiger in the cage..

my lil tiger..

here's the tiger taking a swim to cool down after a hot day

the giraffe's breakfast time ;)

A sexy pose! *aww*

Mama is much more excited! ;p


the butterfly house,i think!

About to leave the animals behind :)

My tired lil tiger asleep..

Had our late lunch at KFC Ampang.. look at my grumpy lil guy, he's very hungry!

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