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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

dum deee dumm dumm..

I've been neglecting my page for a VERY long time.. dun really have the passion to write, ah, well, I just dun feel like it.. So many occasions has took place in the last few weeks.. My mum's birthday, and Lied's birthday was yesterday, 17th April.. *Happy Birthday!*

Attended so many weddings, almost all of my Arau's friend got married this year, some just gave birth and some are still planning their wedding, some are just bumming around.. dat's ME!

Urghh.. come to think of it, its depressing - the need to work is killing me.. There's plenty of job, YES I cannot deny, but most of the job offers are of Customer Service and Sales.. and I'm not the kind of person who can stand the arrogant of the rich people. I've just read Afdlin Shauki's blog on toilet cleaning issues (brought up by one of the airline regarding of the storyline of one his movie), *urrghh* some people just got issues to deal with themselves..

How I missed my major in Uni - Broadcasting.. If i could get a chance to work with really good directors/producers, I would say I'd choose Yasmin Ahmad and Afdlin Shauki.. They're just simply amazing.. They have a very unique way of bringing out the true life of Malaysians and also situations which took place in a life of a person, which we never thought could really make a big hit at the movies - and win awards too! But, yeah.. despite the hard work and the truth that has been brought out thru the movies usually will bring the directors/producers issues that they never thought they will hav to go through. Pity our local scenes.. But, luckily they're tough strong independent people who kept on working and producing what they think is best for the people.

Enough bout the movies.. I need a job.. boo hoo... same old, same old.. call me choosy call me picky.. If the people at the workplace is killing you, I'm sure you'll leave too.. whatever it is.. I don't really care now..

For crying out loud.. help me to find a job!







suria said...

babes, don't worry about the job.. you are bound to get what you want anytime soon. have not seen you in ages!!! i hope that you are in good health and looking your bestest as always!

eh, me is linking you to my blog aight... i take it as PERMISSION GRANTED!! muahahahaa...

take care!

Reena said...

hi Suria!!

Haven't seen u in ages oso.. ehemm ehemm..getting married soon,kan kan? congrats! anyways.. i've linked u to my blog too! hope to hear from u soon!

take care bebs..