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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Had a Bad Day..

I had a bad day,
I never thought I would,
I gotta go through,
I wish I could,
I wish it's just a lie,
I wanna hide,
I wanna cry,
I wanna run,
Is there any other choice?

I can run,
I can hide,
but the day won't end,
I wish I'm lost,
I wish I'm away,
I wish I wasn't here,
I wish I'm not me..

I had a bad day,
I'm stuck, I'm sad,
I think I'm strong,
but, I can't help it,
I can't lie,
I was unfortunate,
I wasn't lucky,
I'm falling,
I'm breaking,

I'm just the same ol' person after all..
Having a bad day..

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