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Monday, June 26, 2006

Simple? I think not...

I believe, it is essential for everyone to admit to their own mistakes. Nobody is perfect and by hiding your mistakes, won't make any matter easier..If you have issues with your other half, it is important for you to talk it over. How would you like him/her to think otherwise with the situation that him/her is going thru? Talk.

Ego is another issue.. People would live up to it, for their so called 'pride' but not realising 'it' actually kills them. Yes, you need ego, you need to have pride, but is there any borderline to it? how high should or can you go? If it is not killing you, go up as high as you wish, but.. on the other hand.. you NEED to be humble.. low profile.. and still maintaining your ego.. Respect.

As I've mentioned before, I go for simplicity. Whatever issues that arise, I'll try to look at it as a test, as a way to grow up, to learn, as a reason to live.. We are still learning, every other day.. We learn how to love, how to respect, how to be responsible, how to share, how to teach, how to be polite.. These are the things that 'create' who you are..the learning phase in everyone.. but, it's up to us whether to accept what are being thought to us.. Simple.

To love and to be loved. It's easy to give, but not easy to get. or does it goes vice-versa? What is love? Why do we love? We don't give any reason why we loved someone. We just "Love" each other. Accept the person as who he is. Listen to what is right, correct what is wrong. Appreciate.

But, do we actually appreciate the people around us? Friends, family, colleague.. We love our other half. We love our friends. We love our family. We show it differently. We care about them, that's all matters. Don't expect the unexpected. Every person has different ways of appreciating us. Just believe in everything you do. Believe.


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