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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a story of a 2 year old kid with his auntie..

this is my conversation with my 2 year old nephew, Adrian(Ian) when I asked him, Nana nak kerja,boleh?

Hehehe Bliss..

Me: Ian, Nana boring laa.. Nana nak gi kerja boleh??

Ian: Takyah..! Nana takyah kerja..Nana duk rumah..

Me: Alaaa... pleasee..boleh laa. Nana takda duit.. Nana nak bayar(Ian's term of shopping)..

Ian: Takyah Nana..takyah.. Mami bayar Nana.. Mami kerja..

(His mommy always gimme money everytime I wanna take him to McD or shop for his stuff..That's where he gets the idea that his mommy will gimme money everytime & I just have to stay home & be his bestfriend.. hehehehe)


1 comment:

taufik said...

hehehe, wah building your career as a babysitter, hehehe, cool, cool :). keep up the good work. :)