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Monday, July 24, 2006

the beauty of the little one..

It has been weeks since I last spent time wif my adorable notty nephew, Adrian.. I was home last weekend, and I guess he just missed the company of his 'friends' (aunties n uncle).. he was laughing out loud, jumping around, asking me to play ball with him, ask me to cook, and even ask me to carry him (he's HEAVY now!!)..
Only me myself know how much I missed the lil one.. I missed how he'll stay in my bed,asking me to switch on the aircond, and ask me to go under the covers with him..and play 'ottomen', which he became the monster and me, yeahh the ottomen..hehehe.. He often scares me by being a ghost or even a monster.. He'll just laugh at the sight of me looking scared at him.. after he got tired of laughing, i gotta turn into a monster and a ghost and scare him back! hehehe.. No wonder we're the best of friends..
When I was home, and if i'm going out for groceries, he'll be my 2nd loyal companion.. not fogetting Aah, my most loyal company.. hehehe Adrian will just sit in the shopping cart, and help me arrange the groceries and just sit tight enjoying the ride.. he'll get his share of course.. Pringles..chocolates..junk food or even McD..hehehe
I'm planning to take him to the zoo sumwhere around next month..he's excited about it, i'm pretty sure.. He's definitely looking forward to see the elephants,birds,girraffe,tiger..
Will try to make time for Adrian...!