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Friday, July 14, 2006


Unbelievable.. It's weird.. Dah lama tak gi clubbing.. the last time was.. with my friends,celebrating my birthday last year.. hehehe..

An old friend of mine from Friendster (weird,huh?) asked me out last weekend.. After several times I've said no, I finally agreed to meet her at Chillies Bangsar.. Well, the short get-to-know session was FUN! after gelak-gelak.. reminiscing old memories.. then she asked me to join her for a girl's-night-out in KL.. and I asked Leen to join us..

So, we went to Heritage Row.. twas crazinesss... 4 girls 0 boys.. best! hehehe we went to 2 clubs.. and we dance all night long! Pening2, semua ada.. hehehe.. but, the most important part of the night is.. we had fun, we make new friends, and we had free drinks! ehehhehe.. considering i'm pathetically broke! :P

Anyways.. It's already 3pm, I'm going to Penang tonight.. got work to do! gotta leave soon!


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