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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pre-Chinese New Year commotion

Today, a day before the festive Chinese New Year.. I wanted to go out for dinner, at a restaurant just across the road from my place. As I was crossing the road, my husband pointed out to a group of people standing in the middle of the road. Then, he pointed up, to an Indian guy holding a child, outside his window! He's all ready to jump! What a drama!

My husband did what he's supposed to do. He called the cops. Gladly, the cops were already informed and a patrol car arrived soon after.

If it wasn't because I was hungry (I didn't have my lunch..yeah, I know, being pregnant, I shouldn't!), I'd wait to see what will happen. We left the scene for a big meal..hehehe

As this is one of the 'scenes-that-you-don't-get-to-see-everyday', I sent a text message to my mum & my sis..they were surprised as well.. We usually get to see these incident in the news/papers/movies, not in real life..After our hefty meal, my husband went to check whether the guy jumped or not.. And, he didn't, because if he did, the ambulance, the fire engines will be around.. but, things cleared up soon after the cops came..

Well, that's that.. a real-life drama created at my housing area.. It did create a scene despite the 'quiet' surroundings I felt since morning. I guess most people must have took up a long leave to go on holidays..

It was peace & quiet for a moment there..

Happy Chinese New Year!

p/s: I'm 6 month pregnant now! woo hooo! I can feel the baby's kicking.. Such a wonderful experience..

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