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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another must watch..!

The Bucket List

Featuring 2 male actors (really really good actors in a movie-a good combination!) Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. And,of course, I've shed a tear watching this one :)

It is about the 'Bucket List' they made before 'kicking' the bucket (a to do list before they die..). They both were diagnosed with cancer, and decided they should do things that they’ve wanted or never did in their life before. They went on doing crazy stuff like skydiving, get tattoos, climb the pyramid, went up the Himalayas for the majestic view (but never made it to the top), and much more! Basically, it’s more like around the world vacation trip for the two of them. In one of the lists is – laugh till I cry, which Morgan did! I mean, both of them did after Morgan told Jack the ingredients of his ‘Kopi Luwak’! It is so hilarious! It is a must watch movie, for these two actors are wonderful actors!

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