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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Jalan-Jalan Cari Rumah..Makan?

We were on the journey to buy our own house.. We went to look at areas far far away from civilisation..(not that far, but far enough!) Last weekend, we went to Puchong, Bandar Saujana Putra & Taman Puncak Jalil.. But all you can see in the pix our makan session.. We didn't take much pix of the houses that we went to, coz some are just terrible! & plus one area in Puchong is soooo creepy! takutnya nak imgaine I'm gonna live there! So, here are the pix of our makan, makan & makan lagi!

It all started at Nando's, Subang Parade

Nas posing for the camera :P

After the food arrives, here's what is left.. hehehe

This is me,munching on the food!

Then,we went to our house-searching journey.. & then, we end up makan again, coz we got lost & tired & wanted to ask for directions (Alasan! *grinn*)

Pictures taken at McD Taman Equine, Puncak Jalil

Ni lah jadinya, bila dah lost track on what we were doing hehehe
Oh, dat is soo soo ugly!

The damage for that day.. :P

The coffee that saves the day!

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