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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A trip to Sunway Pyramid :)

With Auntie Aah!

I went to Pyramid once after I gave birth to lil' Wildaan, like.. urm last year?.. I went back again my lil' Wildaan & my sis, Farah.. She was more of a tour guide, baby sitter & my companion :)

We were there quite early in the day, we got good parking space & I treat her lunch at the Italiannies :) Wildaan sure had lotsa fun eating his lunch set & playing with the waiter & waitresses, & mama and auntie got the pleasure of enjoying our lunch!

Boy, the complex is huge! We were at the new wing most of the time, going up & down. Wildaan enjoyed the jalan-jalan & the cowboy town & I enjoyed watching him having fun :) Bliss!

I got a kiss!! *blushhh!*

It was nice going there once in a while, but, I still prefer One Utama hehehe.. It's our place,kann Nas?

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