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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

*Dreadful Night*

From the list of movies.. i get to watch only Enemy at the Gates! hehehe been trying to watch in my bro's room..wif his surround speakers and all.. but i don't understand one thing..the speakers are all switched on..but there's no sound! *urgghh* so, what i did was.. i unplugged all the speakers and connect the dvd player to the the time i'm done.. my younger sis Syida (adjoining room) is already about to sleep! so, i have to turn down the volume... and read the sub-title if i can't really hear the words coming out of the mouth of my handsome Jude Law! *sigh* what a dreadful night..

Not sure when I'll have the chance to watch the movies again.. my bro is coming home tonight from Arau.. *uwaaaa*

*have to try again when my bro is not in..* lah dating selalu malam malam!! nak tengok DVD!! ;p

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