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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rainy Day..

Been raining the whole day today..Nice cold weather..Good to be in bed hehehe.. I did actually, until my sleep was interrupted by Nas..hehehe.. *wink*

Wanted to go out with Nas to break fast..but, mummy asked me to pick up Aed at the Sek 17 bus stand in Shah Alam if my dad is not around.So I told Nas,I'll confirm later (this is sumtime around noon) .I told him that if it's still raining around 3.30 pm, then..we'll have to cancel our plan.. but, by 4.30pm (this is the time when Nas called~) I was still sleeping! The weather was too good to waste..hehehe * bla bla blaa..* in the end, I had to pick up Aed..with my dad! His friends cancelled their meeting at the very last minute.. *humph* And I've already cancelled my plan with Nas *tsk tsk*

On my way to Shah Alam, the traffic was unexpected. Too many cars on the road, time for breaking fast and dinner, and again..good weather to sleep! Ehhehe but, yeah.. I was in the car to Shah Alam, with Adrian talking, mumbling and singing all the way and my dad cursing those people who skipped Moral class in school (stupid drivers!)

Twas a bad day for me..I got a headache (for seating in the backseat of the car + Adrian + my dad + traffic + smell of dad’s ciggie ) but yet, here I am, writing my blog in the middle of the night.

Hurm..what can I do tomorrow? Ohh.. I need a hair cut~! *sighhh* I hate the traffic in Subang..driving in Subang needs courage,quick thinking,and oh,there's no need for civic minded people..because, there aren't any left in Subang and not Pandan Indah!! hahaha.. I have another name for it..Stupid Zone!!

Do you agree with me Nas? I knoooww you do... *wink*

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