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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Must watch October & November..

Corpse Bride
-Another Tim Burton movie..

Cast : Johnny Depp,Helena Bonham Carter,Emily Watson

Release Date : 27th October 2005

Set in 19th-century European village, this stop-motion, animated feature follows the story of Victor (Depp), a young man who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious Corpse Bride (Bonham-Carter), while his real bride, Victoria (Watson), waits bereft in the land of the living. Though life in the Land of the Dead proves to be a lot more colorful than his strict Victorian upbringing, Victor learns that there is nothing in this world, or the next, that can keep him away from his one true love. It's a tale of optimisim, romance and a very lively afterlife, told in classic Tim Burton style.

Cast : Mark Ruffalo, Reese Witherspoon.

Release Date : 10th November 2005

When David (Mark Ruffalo) sublet a quaint San Francisco apartment, the last thing he expected - or wanted - was a roommate. He had only begun to make a complete mess of the place when a pretty young woman named Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) suddenly shows up, adamantly insisting the apartment is hers. David assumes there's been a misunderstanding…until Elizabeth disappears as mysteriously as she appeared. Changing the locks does nothing to deter Elizabeth, who begins to appear and disappear at will - mostly to rebuke David for his personal living habits in her apartment. Convinced that she is a ghost, David tries to help Elizabeth cross over to the "other side." But while Elizabeth has discovered she does have a distinctly ethereal quality - she can walk through walls - she is equally convinced that she is somehow still alive and isn't crossing over anywhere. As Elizabeth and David search for the truth about who Elizabeth is and how she came to be in her present state, their relationship deepens into love. Unfortunately, they must act quickly or their prospects for a future together might permanently fade away.

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