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Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy Day..part II

Another cold gloomy morning.. I was up early today, got lots of chores to do around the house. Still kinda sleepy,been watching Csi till the wee hours in the morning hehehe well, nobody can blame me for waking up late everyday, I was up doing chores for mum also.. Anyways, Raya is near.. but yes, still not looking forward to it..and yes, I did get my hair cut..shorter and very neat cut..*sigh* not that I really like it, but gotta look nice for the festive celebration.

I also didn't get anything for myself this year, not even a handbag~ hehehe.. I don't feel good of getting something for myself while on the other hand, my other siblings didn't get to buy any. Heck~ I don't mind not getting anything for myself at all..I guess the phase that I'm going through has thought me alot, and not forgetting, has changed my perspective on life..learnt to appreciate others around me, and try to be more caring and forgiving. That's the hard part for I tend to think that I'm the most forgiving person in the entire universe, but after what I've seen from my point of view, it is not that easy to forgive and forget.

People tend to neglect people without noticing. I tend to neglect people myself. Selfishness has always been an issue for everyone.. it's just that we're all just living it unnoticed. The key to all is to be honest, sincere,forgiving,caring,thoughtful,loving and have respect for others. And think before you say anything. One must also remember that words are mightier than the sword. Once spoken, it's hard to take 'em back. I'm not talking about anyone here, these words are from my personal experiences. But I think, it's a very good experience to improve myself. Even though when it happened, it hurts alot to be hurt, but the sweetest part is, I get to improve myself, becoming who I am today.

When one have anything to ask, they should start opening their mouth before jumping into their own conclusions without knowing the truth, or, one can just keep their mouth shut and keep everything to themselves and forever wonder the truth. Life ain't that easy..when we were young, we always wanna be older... to live life like the fairy tales..with a happy ending. Plus, we never knew or thought life is cruel at times.. life isn't always fair. Life is always about give and take ('s always give give and give~!) life is about oneself.. how one manage their own life will define their own perspective of life. We can only guide others, but the truth is, we create our own path and we design our own future.

It's really fascinating - the life we're living. Learn how to appreciate..

I'm outta here..


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