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Monday, October 17, 2005

..Oprah Fan..

Oprah Prime Time

I'm a BIG fan of Oprah Winfrey. Believe it or not, I've been watching Oprah since I was..urm, 8/9 years old (as far as i can remember!) but back then, there is no such thing as ASTRO, so Oprah was on one of the RTM channels.. Enough 'bout the past..

Few days ago, as I was watching tv, I noticed that on Sunday’s Oprah Prime Time show, Oprah's Angel Network and celebrities went to cover the reality of New Orleans, who was badly hit by the devastated Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster leaving everyone in shock. I actually set a reminder on my mobile to watch the show! However, as the alarm buzzes, I put it on snooze.. and I totally forgot ‘bout it! When I switched on the tv, I’ve actually missed half of the story! But, anyway, I get to watch another half of the grievous situation which had attract attention from all around the world.

The catastrophe caused by Hurricane Katrina reminded me of the tsunami that hit Asia end of last year. Nobody is allowed to die with dignity, bodies lying everywhere; abandoned on the streets, in the floods, by the trash, everywhere! Survivors who need medical attention are being treated in makeshift clinics. Most hospitals are evacuated; the international airport is now the hospital for thousands of sick and injured survivors, many who had gone days without food or water, patiently awaiting treatment.

These people need food, water and basic necessities. Despite the sorrowful and tension situation, most people of New Orleans have incredible brace. To thousands of survivors of the Hurricane Katrina, one person can REALLY make a different.

Help is slowly coming their way,wonder what if the hurricane hits the rich and powerful people? How fast will help be on their way? A question to ponder...

It's getting late.. need to snuggle in bed with my teddy.. *yawwwnn*

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