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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

after 14 years...

How time flies.. it has been 14 years after primary school that I last meet my ol' classmates.. Somehow, one of my ol' friend, Ming Yan invite some of us for mamak (Pelita SS15).. but, only me, Ellisha and MingYan herself came..

'twas really surprising to actually 'lepak' with them. They look the same, but much more mature, and they act like they're 26, which I don't! hehehe With my bunch of high school friends, we're still behaving and feeling that we're still in the early 20s..but, its different with the primary school friends..perhaps maybe because we hadn't keep it touch for sooo long, and lost the touch after awhile..

We were sharing 'hot' latest gossips bout our other friends, reminiscing our primary years.. Almost everyone's name popped out.. and 5 'wh' questions is a must..

After a short trip down to memory lane, I had to make my move.. I was glad that I get to meet them after sooo many years..and hope I get to meet others too!

Gotta get back to work.. back to the present..


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