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Monday, January 09, 2006


Wow.. It's been soo long since I went out with Anum, just the two of us. Forgot how fun it is to hang out with her. (;

We went to Sg Wang, coz she wanted to get this new-funky-top (extra mini cardigan) hehehe. The first shop we went, she found what she wanted to buy, but we decided to take a tour to other shops there. We went up and down few times before she finally decided to get the one she found at the first shop we went in! *wahhhh* we were sooo tired and dat's why we gave up..

After tired of walking and searching (Oh! we ate a cup of yummy ice cream during our shopping adventure! hehehehe) we went to Teppanyaki.. Thanks Anum for dinner! 'twas a delicious one!

Next stop, we went to get my stuff n hers at a stall in front of the KFC..after placing our order, the guy asked us to come back later in an hour time.. *urggh!* dat long?? if the previous auntie was there, kejap jeee! but, we waited.. So, our trip continues to the nearby Secret Recipe.. After lepak2 and chit chatting, we went to collect our stuff..and head back home..

Oh boy.. 'twas a tiring trip..both of us couldn't walk properly, our feet hurts like crazy.. hehehe.. the after-effect of walking too much and the lack of knowledge of the confusing path in Sg Wang.. hehehe

All in all, I had fun and painful feet! hehehehe.. would do it again,tho.. (;

Tomorrow is Raya Haji.. Hope that Anum will find her lemang for tomorrow~!

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone..~!!


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