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Friday, January 20, 2006


A Toast to Friendship

by William Johnson

Give me a friend that the world is mine
give me a comrade rarer than wine
Richer than gold is the smile of a friend
richer and lovelier aye to the end
Drink to the toast of a friendship that’s true
what’s gone we’ve enjoyed, we’ve the future to view.

True friends doesn't leave.. No matter how far you are, friendship can still reach you.. Do not betray what lies in the relationship, betrayal is a sign of death to the friendship.

Save it or leave it~


1 comment:

Anbae said...

yeh yeh... bit late to let a commnet...

"richer and lovelier aye to the end
the deep heart.. "

yeheh, this s interesting verse tocuhiung tyhe deep heart.. lovely..