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Friday, January 06, 2006


My boss wanted to see me yesterday during office hours, but he called in to cancel it..I was somehow glad that he couldn't make it, 'coz for our first meeting I wanna at least show him my first draft of my research, which I haven't finish re-arranging it.. *theee hehehe* Gotta do it soon! He rescheduled our meeting for tomorrow,Saturday.

But, first, today, I've got myself an appointment with an agency.. at first, I thought it's an interview.. but, the lady in-charge sent me a message last night, informing me that it's a casting session! *baahhh* I'm doomed! I don't really have pretty smart sassy clothes to wear later.. I'm currently online on my YM, asking my sis what to wear, and also waiting for Lied to reply.. *helpp*

Pastu everytime i've put on weight, there'll always people calling me to offer me jobs.. tsk tsk.. when I'm fit and confident, I'm stuck at home doing nothing.. hehehehe


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