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Sunday, January 15, 2006


I was in KL yesterday, went to collect informative brochures (but there aren't any!! - poor all the tourists!) Anyways.. as I was driving back home, I came across a blue Mercedes..with a very familiar plate number..NAK10 hehehe.. and another incident is about the toll gate boy..a good looking guy! Recalling my fisrt incident when I was paying my toll, I was attracted to his name, Muhammad Vira..I was amazed by his name at first, when I get a glance to see his face, I was amazed for the 2nd time! hehehehe.. A good looking toll gate guy! He should be the Malaysian actor, his star will shine very bright and he could be very rich too!! hehehehe..enuff about my coincidence..I need to continue with my work.. Got lots of research to do!! *uwaaa!*


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