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Friday, January 20, 2006


Jeffrey Archer and Mario Puzo

Nas borrowed me his books to read.. First book was by Jeffery Archer(omnibus) -Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less & Shall We Tell the President.... Read it at every chance that I can get my hands on it.. and its really hard to stop! The storyline is good, and I just couldn't stop shaking my legs, nervous & impatient on knowing what's gonna happen next..

And now, I'm reading Fools Die by Mario Puzo.. I'm already reading three-quarter of the book, and I got another one by Mario Puzo waiting.. hehehehe.. Actually, before I started reading Fools Die, I was reading Man and Wife by Tony Parsons - some book I found in the cupboard in my sis's room.. It's a funny and good for light reading...but nothing adventourous..So, I stopped reading it and turn to Mario Puzo.. There were other books, dozens of 'em..but I can only read Danielle Steel and Sandra Brown.. Tried to read Nora Roberts books, but I just couldn't finish reading..not even one single book! hehehe..

Every time that I got the chance to read Fools Die, is usually before bedtime and in the evenings after I'm done with my research for the day.. not gonna do any work today, my body's of the symptoms of thyroid - must be.. And, my elder sis is in the lunch, so, I got all the time in the world to finish up the book today.. Hope I get to start reading The Fortunate Pilgrim-Mario Puzo by end of the day.. (;

Ohh..and I went to watch King Kong last night before it stops showing at the movies..hehehe..

Gotta go to the clinic for my monthly check up next week.. *bahhh* more meds to take.. );



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