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Saturday, January 07, 2006

worry no more...

Seriously, I've been worrying for nothing..
The casting session, wasn't really a casting after all..was more like an interview.. (; but I didn't try out for the clubbing-scene-casting coz I was told that they want me to dance to make the holographic images..ermmm or sumthing..I can't remember what he told me.. hehehe wasn't really interested in demonstrating sum dance move infront of some strangers...According to him, if I'm selected, I'll have a REALLY good portfolio for future references..only if i know how to dance lah~! I dun think I know any interesting cum sexy cum freestyle moves..but I'm really interested in becoming one of the ushers for the Sabah event.. work + holiday + jalan-jalan!! who wouldn't say yes? being paid to go for a holiday hehehe (;
I'm gonna be needing all the luck that I could wish for!


Anbae said...

hey, renna simply stucked after readin this....well, u loved to do it, yeh?

Reena said...

heheh yeahh.. did some photo shoot for our local mags too.. hehehe.. (;