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Monday, January 23, 2006


Last night, after never-ending effort, I managed to finish up reading Fools Die, by Mario Puzo.. It is an accomplishment for me, and also an opportunity for me to start reading The Fortunate Pilgrim :) Hence, I got lots of work to do and a book to read... and my nephew Adrian and his mommy and daddy is going away for a holiday! - much more freedom to do work anytime, anywhere! but, of course, I'm gonna miss him loads! He was away last weekend, came back late last nite and going away again till Wednesday... *boo hooo* Gotta get it started, sumwhere,sumhow!..



Anbae said...

yeh this s nice.. but where s ur updates... wierd of things????

Reena said...

heyya anbae..
havent update my blog for quite sumtime! *phew* i've been busy wif sooo many things these days.. twas a very long holiday,but i got lots of work to do.. (; will update real soon! hehehe..