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Monday, January 02, 2006

Trip to the Zoo..

As I mentioned in my previous post (What's more important?) me and Nas went almost everywhere in 3 days! here's my third day entry.. :) hehehe

Me and Nas went for breakfast yesterday morning (1st December,2006) somewhere near his office. On our way to the mamak, there's this 'loji', and there were Flamingoes/Stork there! A very rare sight for people staying in Subang!! ehehehe.. (Nas's office is very near to the National Zoo!)

So, then comes the craziee thought from me.. "Jom gi Zoo, nak??" hehehe Nas said 'ok' of course.. but he's still kinda tired and sleepy..shiann Nas.. but he insist on going (;

After breakfast, we make our move to the Zoo.. *yeay yeay* I was sooo happy coz i've been asking him to go to the zoo for months now.. hehehe..

The trip brings me down the memory lane.. to my childhood times. I remember going to the Zoo with my family, something that we don't do together anymore.. me wearing the same design of clothes with my sisters (easier for my mum to shop, so that we don't envy each other!! hahaha) and the trip on the coaster (the mini chu-chu train) hehehe

We walked around the zoo from 10am till 3pm! whoaa... we were exhausted! wanted to take the train, but, it's a public holiday, so many people took the train to move about in the zoo.. so, we took our strength to the test by walking the distance! twas ok, 'coz we really really took our time enjoying ourselves and appreciating the beautiful scenery..And, we had our lunch at Marrybrown!! Tak best nyaaaaaaa... not advisable place to eat, people!!

Before we left, it rained..heavily! had to lepak2 in the car,b'coz I was tired and I hete to be stuck in the queue to exit the zoo..

Then we went for makan2.. *yess* again!! hehehehe but this time, gud food! Nas had his Ice Kacang and I had Nasi goreng ayam!! *wink*

We head home after makan,and guess what? It rained again.. lepak at McD for more than an hour, then sent Nas home.. and on my way back home, it rained for the third time!! Heavier this time, but, I push myself to drive home..

this trip brings out the child in me..had loads of fun..Thanks Nas.. (;


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