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Monday, January 02, 2006

What's more important?

Happy New Year everyone..

Last weekend was so much fun~! Especially being around people who is important to you.. My day actually begin last Friday night with Nas.. We've been almost everywhere in 3 days.. hehehe.. wanna know more? Here goes nothing..

Friday Night (30th December,2005)

'twas a rainy Friday.. Decided to lepak2 with Nas, before it starts raining heavily.. Had to wait a couple of hours before I can make my move.. Before leaving home, my kakak asked me to drop her at her mother-in-law's place in Cheras.. So, my route was detoured to Cheras.. On my way there, the traffic was moving quite slow..but I don't mind, as long as I have company. But, as we get in Cheras area, *phew* it's kinda crazy! It was pasar malam night, and the traffic is terrible near the housing area.. Ramai gila orang..macam nak gi Fun Fair! drop off my sis at the pasar malam area je..had to 'coz I don't think I can cross the heavy traffic to the housing area..Then I followed the bus route to Ampang.. not too many cars there.. (;

Then, we lepak2 - had dinner and chatted for awhile before we decide to go visit my friend tomorrow who'd just gave birth in Damansara Damai Medical Center. I was tired of driving too, it's a swell idea to go back home too..

Saturday Morning (31st December,2005)

Nas reached Kelana Jaya around 9.40am, then we headed straight to Damansara Damai. We seriously have no idea where is it.. According to the simple direction i got from Zue, and after a few times 'sesat' we reach the Medical Center around 10 sumthing.. Lepak there for about an hour, and make our move to Subang before noon.. It's a working Saturday, and I'm pretty sure the traffic will go crazy later (it's a working Saturday + New Year's Eve).

In Subang, we went everywhere, coz Nas wanna take sum cash from the ATM, but there were no parking space, and to move around is simply tiring! And when we manage to found one, the ATM is out of cash or it may have gone crazy because of the traffic of everyone using the ATM that day.. From SS15, we went to Carrefour then to Subang Parade, then back to Carrefour..and we finally gave up! No need to lepak2 until New Year lah - that'll save alot of money.. (;

While having lunch in Carrefour, we bumped into my sis's family.. so they lepak2 with us.. then, on our way to SS15, Anum called, she wanna join us..I was surprised that she didn't follow our friends to PD! (everyone went to PD for the weekend to celebrate Leen's Birthday and New Year) & on my way to send Nas home, we picked Anum at my house, and Nas decided to not to go home hehehe *yeaayy*

We went to Starbucks in SS15, and funny enough, we hang around there for hours! First of all, because it rained, then because we kept on getting free food sampling and drinks! hahaha.. Malu gak lah.. but, what the heck.. ;p While enjoying ourselves eating and waiting for the rain to stop, we decided to continue our lepaking sessions to Showru in Kelana Jaya, and Anum asked her friend Bad to join us.. (;

After we had our delightful dinner, we all decided to play pool ehehehe..and also Foosball! Best giler..we sure did have the most amusing night ever.. We got ourselves Party Packs too,but we didn't stay on for the New Year's countdown..

Instead, we went to Pelita in SS15.. we were all soooo thirsty... because of all the laughs and screams while playing Foosball.. (urm,it's just me and Anum actually, the guys are the calmer box that night!) We didn't go to Sunway to watch the fireworks, don't feel like going through all the traffic just for the 'moment', but it's Anum's luck that night (she was eager to watch the blazing fireworks) , Gazebo light up their 'expensive' fireworks! Guess what people?? We can sit, relax and enjoy our drinks and watch the 'blast'! hehehehe

After that, we went back home..with joyful smiles on our face.. (;

'twas a very memorable and the most amusive night ever! The people around you is much more important than being somewhere 'happening' but you're missing someone important..

to be continued..
--Trip to the Zoo!



Anbae said...
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Anbae said...

This s very intresting when i wenthrough ur post lane....

A kind of tour u toured be4 newyear with wheels..hmmmm thats funny... And me joinin u to wish Leena(even unknown to me)

"The people around you is much more important than being somewhere 'happening' but you're missing someone important..", simply superb... liked it...

Once things happend 4 memories, sure it'll kinda things in future.. so as things went with u on the very first day in this fresh scopefull new year to feast happiness with rememberance....

Belated New Year wishes, Renna. May this fruitfull year brings u success all the way to skies...

Anonymous said... are rite!! the most amusing night ever..although we in Subang.. :) Happy New Year Za!!

- Zaliza a.k.a. Anum..

Reena said...

Anum : Same goes to u too!! (; happy new year n lets hope for the best this year! (;

Anbae : Glad that u've been reading my blogs, and your comments are very pleasing! Hope you keep on blogging,and keep me updated! Have a prosperous New Year and a wonderful happy life ahead!